Building Custom Homes: Important Questions to Ask!

The so-called “Spring Market” is already upon us mid-Winter and with so many incredible custom builders in RounTrey, we thought we would give you all some pointers on the best questions to ask! This will ease through the exciting process of creating your dream home!

If you are committed to truly customizing your house, there are some great questions that can help keep you focused on the most important aspects. First, always start by asking what comes standard! You will be pleasantly surprised at what custom builders include in their base floor plans: things like hardwood and trim throughout the home, granite countertops, built-in shelving, and SO much more.

Another great question to ask is how long the process will take to build the house to completion. Because of their custom nature, our homes can take a little longer to build than your typical “production” style home.

Not all of us can glance at a set of plans for a beautiful custom home and draw it upright in our heads, right? Something SO important is to ask your preferred builder what your house will look like. This sounds pretty obvious, but with amazing technology of today, there are possibilities of colored renderings, virtual tours, and more. It will take the guess work out of envisioning that Master Bathroom or open floor plan. You will thank us later!

“How do we make selections? Will we have help?” Our builders have processes and folks to help walk you through every step of the way. They will be scheduling and staying on top of things that keep your home on track, but also work with you to best accommodate your needs!

RounTrey model homes are open daily from noon to five daily so be sure to swing by to learn more about our newest sections in both RounTrey and NewMarket Estates.