Outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight the beautiful features of your home and make it stand out. Use lights to emphasize certain points of interest like a fountain or statue, or to accentuate your landscaping. The sky’s the limit with lighting design, so it’s up to you to determine what kind of lighting best suits your home.

LED Lighting

Recently, LED lights have become increasingly popular with outdoor lighting, as they are admired for their subtlety and energy efficiency. Most LED lights are programmable to be smartphone controlled, last longer than traditional bulbs, and use only one watt where most lights use 35 watts.

LED’s give off a crisp, white light and can be mounted or used in-ground. A home that uses in-ground LED lighting will look clean and modern as you can only see the light, not the fixture.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is also a great addition to your home, and outdoor solar lights come in many shapes and sizes. Many assume that solar lighting is more expensive, but nowadays there are plenty of options and it will help you save on your electric bill. Read more about solar lighting here.

Security Lighting

Security lighting has always been a staple of outdoor lighting, but there are ways to make the spotlights less bulky. Try putting security lighting under gutters, in plant beds or on stairs to highlight these features while providing safety at night.

Statement Lamps

Lit orbs and outdoor floor lamps can be a striking element of any outdoor setting. For homeowners that are more experimental, consider some outdoor lighting that will truly set your home apart.
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