Residents of RounTrey: Spotlight on the Joyner’s!

We are back with another interview with another lovely RounTrey family. The Joyner’s are fairly new to the area so it is truly fun to see the community through their eyes as the newbies-baby sharks, if you will ! 🙂

1. What ran through your mind when you drove through RounTrey for the first time?

This was the last community/showing for the day, so we were super tired. But, I had heard great things about the neighborhood from my cousin and was excited to see it in person. We really liked how the neighborhood felt established even though there are still many homes being built. It was obvious that residents took pride in their homes.

2. Funniest memory to date inside the community…GO!

Most definitely David (my husband) being the dancing shark for our street’s Baby Shark float in the July 4 parade.

3. Are you involved in one of the many committees in the community ? If so, why did you join?

I (Kelly) am on the social committee. I wasn’t aware of all of the committees at the time, but our neighbor, Laurie, asked if I’d be interested in joining this one. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know other neighbors!

4. What do you love about the homes in the neighborhood ?

We love the craftsman style and how all of the homes are unique. Also, as stated above, it’s obvious that the neighbors take pride in their homes. They’re all so pretty! We love just driving through the neighborhood to see all the houses. 

5. More important to you: outdoor living space or kitchen?

David would say outdoor living space – he really wants to add on a screened-in porch. I would say the kitchen!

6. What song first comes to mind when you think about RounTrey?

As the summer is coming to an end and my brain is running on fumes, Baby Shark? It’s been the #1 hit at our house because my kids love the song. It seems fitting that David was the shark at the parade! Everyone knows him if you explain that he was the dancing shark! Seems appropriate since it was sort of our neighborhood “ice breaker.”

We are so lucky to fill our homes, pools, events, and sidewalks with such energetic and fun residents of all ages! For more information on how to join the fun, visit us at