With Thanksgiving fast-approaching, we thought we HAD to highlight the importance of the heart of many homes on November 25th...the kitchen!  With the abundance of stunning, customized homes that have been crafted by our residents and talented home builders, we thought we would share some of those most special features that will be present for your special gatherings!

A couple of our friends who work for our busy builder teams have informed us of the hottest kitchen trends as we descend near Turkey Day 2021.  Lauren Renschler, who represents Homesmith Construction in RounTrey and happens to be a beloved RounTrey resident as well, is seeing a little distancing from the craftsman kitchens while people are welcoming mid-century modern designs.  Think less farmhouse sinks and more blanco.  More bold-colored islands. "Think emerald green," says Renschler.  She also says we are seeing a swing toward warm-wooded cabinets.

Don't be surprised when you see dramatic statement lights in all of the kitchens this year as well as light layering! Getting the lighting just right often takes a professional's eye, but luckily that's what our designers are for within our talented teams of builders. Pair eye-grabbing light fixtures with sleek, minimalistic shelving or cabinets and you will be clamoring to build one for yourself!

Lastly, you will be enamored with the mixtures of glazed tile backsplashes and natural elements throughout the heartbeat of the home: unfinished woods, granites, marbles, and more.  We LOVE to see how your Thanksgiving holiday comes together each year and 2021 is no different. Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we may share your beautifully-designed and on-trend kitchens! We hope everyone has a safe and warming holiday this year.