Here in RounTrey, we like to think we enjoy every waking moment and don’t wish away the days. That’s why this particular Summer has been memorable. RounTrey neighbors have taken the time to enjoy their “small moments”. Post-dinner family walks, impromptu pizza parties, and even late summer nights in the cul-de-sac. pushing kids’ bed time for one more song.

15406 Amethyst Drive Midlothian VA

If you drive our gorgeous neighborhoods, you’ll notice a distinct sense of character. Each home holds their own, familiar charm.  You have your lawn perfectionists never quitting until every weed pulled, and every inch more lush than the greenest clovers Then you have the crafters whose touch known in poignant places like on the hand-carved bench sitting on the broad front porch Some homes boast their sports team of choice with bright new garden flags or festive door decor (are you a Hokie or a Hoo? That is the question!)


Are You A Hokie Or A Hoo?

Hokies v hoos

Whatever stage of life you currently find yourself, RounTrey welcomes you with open arms.  Our custom builder teams can truly craft a home for any situation: first-floor masters, a basement for your growing brood, or even dual masters for when the in-laws move in down the road.  Every situation is unique to your life and we want your home to feel the same.  To learn more about which builder is best suited for your life, click