New homes often have their share of long-standing trends, but from time to time these homes feature transformative fads that take off quickly. Change is good! We are loving both the function and aesthetic of these and believe that you will too! Some of our new home experts within the community have filled us in on what they are seeing and what they expect will continue in the new year. Take a look:

Traditional wall details moving to the ceiling: Whether it’s shiplap, wooden planks or wallpaper, be sure to look up when envisioning your new spaces! This is a fun trend that not only lets your personality shine, but is a great conversation piece.

Wooden cabinets added into the mix: Simple white and gray, move over! Mixing in wooden cabinets and accents in kitchens and bathrooms will add a little natural element to an otherwise super clean aesthetic. Some home buyers are getting sick of “vanilla” and want to spice things up with the pops of different wood finishes.

Leathered granite countertops: This less-than-shiny countertop trend piggybacks off of the textured ceilings and wooden cabinets. Normally found on darker granites, this look highlights the stone’s dimpled and raised surface. This is an ideal countertop as it is extremely low-maintenance!

More outdoor fireplaces: While we have seen outdoor entertaining spaces trending for many years, it seems as though the outdoor fireplace is really having its moment now! Depending on local climate, it can be used all-year round making this a worthy investment. Not to mention, it can add some great value to your home.

Bourbon bars: Think about the popularity of wine cellars and wine bars and then replace with bourbon! Without any temperature control needed, this is a simple home space to architect. There are some more chic bourbon bars and some that are more masculine. Would you add one of these to your home?

No mantle over the fireplace: We are starting to see folks say goodbye to bulky stone hearths or detailed mantles! Minimalism is here to make its mark and there is something we love about a clean finish. As the focal point to most living rooms, a pared down space is a modern-lovers dream.

Be sure to visit our model homes and learn how you can incorporate these stylish new home features! Open daily from noon to five, we can’t wait to see you! Other general community questions? Give us a shout here!