Our residents are our most favorite piece of our community puzzle and we were fortunate to able to chat with one of our newer families: the Bonnetts. Jamie and Tom, who moved from Magnolia Green with their two kids, built a stunning custom home with Covenant Building and Design.  They’re a family who made fast friends with all of their neighbors and love to entertain! Let’s hear what they had to say about living in the ‘Trey!

  1. What was the best part about building a custom home? We wanted to build a house that was not only in style now, but also with classical features that would last decades. The custom home process gave us that opportunity.
  2. Knowing it can be overwhelming, what advice would you give to someone building a home for the first time? There are supply chain problems and your first choice is not always going to be available. Ultimately, you will like your second and third choices perfectly fine so don’t spend time worrying about the missed chances.
  3. Favorite room in your new house? We love to cook and entertain, so the kitchen is definitely our favorite place and where we splurged the most!
  4. Best event you have been to at RounTrey? Fall Fest! Can’t go wrong with free spiked cider and cotton candy!
  5. Preference: Hot out and pool open or crisp air and Christmas lights for you and the family? Hot out and pool open!
  6. Three words to describe your neighbors! Friendly, fun, considerate.

We are so grateful that we were able to pick Jamie’s brain on her family’s transition into the neighborhood. Reach out to us here to connect with our talented builder teams who can discuss building your very own dream home. Whether you’re an entertainer, fans of the furry, or into all the functionality we’ve got ya covered!