We are so excited to feature the Rama family as our next #ResidentsofRounTrey spotlight! This one is a little extra special because of the multi-generational backstory. The Rama’s moved to Rountrey to be close to their daughter and her beautiful family. We are proud to “keep it in the family” in RounTrey ! Here is our conversation with the new residents:

  1. You two were local to Chesterfield before your move. What made you choose RounTrey? The community is centrally located with great amenities for all and our family is right here in the neighborhood as well!
  2. A lot of folks get anxiety about the homebuilding process, so how was your experience building a home? As any new build, there are hectic moments, but overall it was a great experience! South River Custom Homes was easy to work with, very knowledgable and understanding. We would highly recommend this builder.
  3. Favorite room in your new home? It would definitely be our screened-in covered patio with a fireplace.
  4. Been to any social events? We went to the Fourth of July bike parade with our family and had a blast. Looking forward to many more.
  5. Will you go more crazy with decorating for Halloween or Christmas? Definitely Christmas!

No shortage of excitement for every generation!

As you can clearly see, there is no shortage of excitement for every generation of families in RounTrey!  Whether you are looking for a move-in ready home or building your forever home from a family vision, we want you here with us.  This is just the beginning! We are on the brink of some even more amazing features of our community including a waterfront amenity park, a second clubhouse and pool in our NewMarket neighborhood, multi-family housing, and even commercial space.  All of these pieces are incredible, but our residents truly make RounTrey what it is today.  Reach out to us here to get your questions answered !