RounTrey is Zoned for 3 Great Schools

Picking a neighborhood that is zoned for great schools is a huge factor in the home buying process. For most parents, it can be the #1 priority.

Luckily, RounTrey is zoned for three incredible schools: Swift Creek Elementary, Tomahawk Creek Middle School, and Midlothian High School.

Swift Creek Elementary is located up the street from Brandermill on Genito Rd, northeast of the Swift Creek Reservoir. The school offers pre-K through 5th grade. There are around 830 students at Swift Creek Elementary and the student to teacher ratio is 20:1. Swift Creek Elementary offers Spanish language, ceramics, chorus, photography, and theater classes to name a few. The school received a high rating of 8 from StartClass, and the average rating is 7 for elementary schools in Virginia.

Tomahawk Creek Middle School has over 1,200 enrolled students and a student-teacher ratio of 17:1. They’re rated 9/10, which is much higher than the state average of 7. Tomahawk Creek Middle is in the top 10% of Virginia middle schools for test results. They have been ranked 21st out of 342 Virginia middle schools.

Lastly, Midlothian High School is another excellent school that RounTrey is zoned for. Midlothian High has a rating of 9, which higher than the Virginia high school average rating of 8. With nearly 1,500 students and 85 teachers, Midlothian High is fairly large. The school is in the top 10% for testing results and is ranked 16th out of 312 Virginia high schools. With a 95% graduation rate that has been improving steadily year-by-year, your kids are sure to succeed at Midlothian High.