Our RounTrey crew often gets asked what life here really looks like.  What kinds of events are offered? Will my neighbors be fun? Will I fit in?  We decided to chat with the Rountrey Social Committee Chair, Charri, and pick her brain a little.  Take a look at what she had to say about social life in RounTrey!  For a full list of events in 2018, visit the RounTrey social calendar.

How long have you been the RounTrey Social Committee Chair?

I joined the committee in 2015 and became the Social Committee Chair in 2016.

Describe your thought process behind the event planning that takes place for the community:

When people are looking for a neighborhood to raise their children in, they want to know what amenities and events there are. We were that family with two small kids and wanted a neighborhood where our family could grow and our children could have the best childhood memories. The social committee keeps in mind all families in RounTrey when planning events and those families that email us inquiring about moving into the neighborhood but first want to know what social events we have planned for the year.

Which event is the most fun to plan and then attend?

My personal favorite is the Fall Festival. This event is for everyone in the neighborhood and is the most attended event. From pony rides to beer trucks it truly is a fun event for all and one that is mostly sponsored by great local business in the community. The Social Committee works really hard on this event and It’s defiantly the event with the most moving pieces. It’s worth every planning minute to see the fun and excitement on that day.

Fall Fest RounTrey

Which event is the most difficult to plan?

While the Fall Festival is the most fun to plan, it’s also the most difficult.

Any new events in 2018 that you’ve added?

This year we added a Masquerade Party. Who doesn’t love to dress up, dance the night away, and eat King cake?! It was so much fun, looking forward to it next year.

How many committee members do you have on your team to assist you?

There are 8 WONDERFUL and AMAZING members on the Rountrey Social Committee, they are April M, Brittany M, Brooke M, Karen L, Kelly W, Laurie E, and Vonny T. I could not ask for a better group of ladies to plan the events of the neighborhood with! Each person brings their own skill to the group and all of us combined make it happen. I also have to mention our awesome husbands who help setup and tear down each event!

If folks were considering moving to RounTrey, but wanted to be sure that it had a lively social calendar, what would you tell them?

Visit our RounTrey events page at http://www.rountreyhoa.com/events-calendar.html or email the Rountrey Social Committee at Rountreysocial@gmail.com<