Though the Real Estate world evolves and changes year to year, like many other industries, we wanted to make sure you had all of the best information for getting your home ready to sell this “Spring.”  March 20th, 2019 will mark the official first day of Spring, but in the housing market we expect it to start any day now.  According to Realtor Michelle Altman, “the last four years or so we have seen the Spring market begin end of February or early March.”  She adds, “If you plan to list your home in May or June you are missing some prime time.”  As RounTrey continues to build out, February and March has also been a popular timeframe for starting a custom home due to build time finishing right before the school year.

Here are some other tips gathered from Realtors Michelle Altman, Jo Lewis, and Heather Toth (who also happen to represent some of our finest builders in their model homes!):

  • Start outside and make sure your landscaping is in tip top shape!  Trim overgrown shrubs, mulch beds, clean up leaves and fallen branches.  If you drove by this home, would it invite you inside?
  • Continuing with curb appeal, paint your front door a snazzy new color that pops and get a fun and fresh doormat.  Be welcoming!
  • Clean, clean, and clean!
  • De-clutter personal items.  Follow Marie Kondo!
  • Paint does wonders
  • Powerwashing is a must
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs and all batteries to smoke alarms
  • Clear off countertops and surfaces
  • DUST!
  • Stage furniture to crate natural flows of traffic through your home while also removing unnecessary bulky furniture items that may stall that natural progression through the house

These may seem like common sense, but you really should follow through and put in the required effort if you want the most value out of your home!  Our experienced Realtor trio all mentioned popping into gorgeous model homes for inspiration.  Even if you have an older home, you can mimic simple and clean approaches to showing your home to the masses.  For inspiration on staging your home, ready to sell or not, feel free to swing by our stunning custom model homes open daily from 12-5!

model court grand opening