This particular resident feature was a first for us as the proverbial ‘baton’ was passed on by the last family we featured (The Baldwin’s!).  We love that!  Right there, you see the comraderie and admiration that these neighbors have for one another. Contact us here to find out how you can feel like a RounTrey resident for a day and test out a neighborhood unlike any other! Here is what Steve and Laura shared with us about their last several years here:

  1. How long have you lived in RounTrey and where did you all move from? We lived in Midlothian for 23 years and moved to Rountrey in December 2015.  In fact, we were the first family to move into the Graythorne Neighborhood.  It was cold, dark, and lonely!
  2. Thoughts on your new home so far? Our builder—River City Custom Homes—was great to work with and helped us design a house just like we wanted.  We were fortunate to build on the waterfront and we love our house and the great views out back!
  3. Favorite part of Rountrey: Rountrey is a friendly and welcoming place and we enjoy the blend of residents in various stages of life.
  4. Three words to describe your fellow neighbors and residents! Friendly, sociable, and fun!
  5. What are your plans for this upcoming Summer? Summer plans include travel, concerts, and family time.  Closer to home, we will be kayaking and fishing in the Reservoir and pool time at the Clubhouse.
  6. Which do you prefer-yard work during warmer months or holiday decor during the Winter? We enjoy working in our yard and truly appreciate the beauty of our outdoor living spaces, so definitely prefer the warmer months.

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